Gig Guide

Gig Guide for Agencies.

Gig-Guide™ manages gigs for demanding artists. A good gig guide can organise even the busiest of musicians, entertainers and performers. By using Gig Guide from Pro-Trax Software Solutions, you can mange all your performers with ease.

See www.gig-guide.eu for more information about gig-guide.

Music Scheduling Software.

Checking your bands schedule can be a hassle. Gig guide has been designed to make managing bands a breeze. Whether you book gigs, manage gigs, or promote gigs, then gig guide is for you.
Gig guide is exceptionally easy to use and very complete. Organise a demo today to see how gig guide can change your booking agency.

Event Listings.

Gig Guide is not just a back-end solution: You can even display a public gig guide on your website, or the website of all of the performers you manage.
Event listings are the best way to keep the public informed about where your bands are playing. Reach your public and get them to the gigs!

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